Enneagram Links to Help You Understand Your Enneagram Type

Use the following links after you have discovered which enneagram type you are from my previous post.

(1) www.ennea.comPart of Enneagram WebRing, this site has many resources for studying the nine types of the enneagram. It has faqs, good links, history and upcoming works

(2) www.9types.comThis site has easy to understand charts and diagrams listing all nine type tests and includes a copy of the RHETI. This author also introduces the“wings” of the nine types. It also has chat boards for each of the types and a chart of good and bad examples for each type using fictional and real people.

(3) www.authenticenneagram.com/

This site has a good introduction to the study of the enneagram. It also shows ways to use this study in understanding others. It has a good section about relationships and your enneagram type.

(4) www.enneagraminstitute.comThe enneagram institute was founded by Don Riso and Russ Hudson in 1995. It offers workshops and trainings in their insight approach around the world. The site has information about the many uses of the enneagram.

(5) http://enneagram-instrument.org/This organization provides the enneagram in an electronic form. It offers the three centers of intelligence and gives the history of the enneagram which is believed to have been introduced by George I. Gurdjeiff, a mystic who was born in the area between Greece and the Caspian Sea in the late 1860s or early 1870s.

(6) http://www.thechangeworks.com/Introduces NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and the enneagram and has the enneagram primer for those new to the study. It also has a page of monthly musings about movies that reveal enneagram styles and includes an enneagram movie and video store.

(7) www.enneagramcentral.com/This site includes “The Electric Enneagram” which is a newsletter specializing in the application of the enneagram as opposed to theories. Through their home study course, 50 lessons and topics are offered.

(8) http://testdex.com/Offers tests in personality, intelligence, and compatibility with links to all the different types.

Free Enneagram tests:






Longer enneagram tests available online for nominal fees:


Good enneagram sites:






The best enneagram links:


Are we born this way?

http://www.enneagramcentral.com/study/een e11.htm

Relationship between enneagram and MBTI:


For a great first look at the enneagram, look at


Click on any of the points there and it will take you to a description of each of the nine types.

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