FBadvance Has Created a Content Marketing Strategy Guide


Facebook is the largest social media tool you can use. Plus it is easy to develop followers on your Facebook fan page about your business.

However, after you have created your  overview and outline of what you want to create, you need to know some basic Facebook strategy. FBadvance has developed a short guide that will help with your campaign.

An excerpt from Facebook Content Marketing Strategy Guide:

Keep it Real

People prefer to respond and engage with brands that have real personality over brands that adopt a dry and unfriendly tone.

Here are some ways you can keep it real on Facebook:

  • Talk about others (instead of yourself) and remain upbeat and positive.
  • Resist the urge to post about endless product descriptions or 24/7 sales pitches.
  • Keep the content fresh, new and exciting.
  • Don’t bleed the feed.  A few posts a day is usually enough.  Better to post a few high quality impactful posts than a ton of posts that have little effect.
  • Develop your brand’s human voice and if possible identify the person who is making the posts.  Humanize your brand page as much as possible.
  • Focus on helping your fans.
  • Share relevant and helpful content (ideally from your blog).
  • Take time to respond to people who write on your wall or message you.

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