Myers-Briggs Test Links

Links about the Myers-Briggs Test:

(1) This personality questionnaire was developed by BSM Consulting in 1998 and is designed to measure the four letter Myer-Briggs personality type.

(2) Many authors have contributed to this site with a diversity of articles about type available. The faces theory was developed by John Beebe and other Jungian theorists. This site is mother lode of MBTI related information.

(3) The official site for The Myers-Briggs Foundation includes information about the founders of the MBTI. They were Isabel Myers and her mother, Katharine Briggs. Katharine Briggs adopted the ideas of C.G. Jung from his book, Psychological Types. In 1975, Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc. began publishing the MBTI instrument and it is now offered at several locations. The various MBTI organizations and an explanation of each is included at this site.

(4) CAPT is one of the largest providers of the MBTI and has an extensive website. Changemaker has included excerpts from this site to introduce the 16 types. A complete test for the MBTI may be ordered from this site and is $95.00. It also introduces the PMAI as a way to discover your archetypes.

(5) TypeLogic has the most extensive list of links for the 16 types listed in the MBTI.

(6) Sciences/Psychology/Personality.html is one link listed that documented over 100 MBTI groups.

(6) This is the official site for David Keirsey one of the authors of Please Understand Me. The authors, Keirsey and Marilyn Bates, offer ways to understand not only your type but also the types of your personal family, friends and professional contacts.

(7) This site offers many personality and career tests most of which are over $100.00. The criticism I have with this site is the difficulty of someone to choose from the large array of tests available here.

(8) This is the official site for Paul and Barbara Tieger. They have done much to popularize the uses of types in relationships, etc. On this site, once you know your four letter type (such as INTJ), you can click on a page about your type and get a general overview of what your type likes and dislikes. Several of their books are available at this website.

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