Social Media Can Be a Mixed Bag

4039942772_0a7f3a49ac_zSocial media can be a mixed bag, to say the least.

From Daily Bipolar by Meredith: 

Woohoo! Social media. All the rage. The way to connect, network, make friends, link up, be social…like the social beings we are…ad nauseum.

Where would I be without social media? Well, I’ve talked about that briefly in an earlier post.  But really, truly, I would be very alone and more crazy if there weren’t such a thing. Or I would be more in shape because I’d be getting out more just to get my social in. In my line of work, I sit at my own computer in my own house pretty much all day. Except tomorrow when I have a PT appointment and a meeting with a client, not in my house. Oh, and I’ll pick up the kids from school for the last time this year.

But social media has also gotten me into plenty of trouble…today’s trouble included. Sure, it’s a similar kind of trouble one could get into by meeting people face-to-face, but it seems to be less of a problem for me that way. Perhaps that’s because people are more available over the internet than they would normally be in person. And one can meet people who don’t live in the immediate area, thereby increasing our reach.

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