How to Create Online Collages With Free Photos

3331086956_2040786817_zMost photos have an identifying url with them so we can give credit to the photographer. I have used Flickr for years choosing photos from Creative Commons license that allows me to use the photo when I give the photographer credit. Facebook has continual beautiful photos. Although I have many Pinterest boards that I have created, I miss the randomness of creating rotating and changeable layouts.

I usually capture the photos in Facebook by right-clicking on the image and click on open link in new tab. Then in the new tab, I right click again and choose “save image as” and it goes to my downloads.

So I decided today to find a way to collect in layouts all the photos I’ve saved from Facebook.

After a few trials, I found a great free program–CollageIt. I always download from CNET. Override the warning that may come up that it is a dangerous program. CNET editors have recommended it.

Then choose the layout you want and drag and drop the photos you’ve saved from your downloads.

What fun! I love photography but rarely take pictures. Go figure.

Photo credit.

One comment

  1. I use Picasa — a free downloadable app from Google — to manage my photos. It also has an excellent collage feature amongst all the other things it can do. I highly recommend it…


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