How to Make Your Dreams Meet Your Passion in 2013

3470650293_60b27d6539_zI believe that “goals are dreams with a deadline”. A lot of people think that goals defeat creativity. They do the exact opposite for me. By setting broad general goals as well as narrow short-term ones, I free up my creativity for play time. I love playing. I’ve been reading some good posts about making your dreams your reality. Hope that you enjoy them, also.

1.  From Diana Strinati Baur:  “Find Your Special Thing: Connect With Your Passion”:

Whatever it is, if it’s still just a shadow in the distant haze that you can’t quite yet fathom, there are a few things you can do to coax your special thing into the sunshine.

Learn to say no for the purpose of freeing up energy for your special thing.

Refusing to take on commitments that exhaust you and pull you in too many directions will give you pockets of time to focus on what you love.

Take ten minutes of silence without thinking every day to clear your tired mind and make way for new ideas.

This can be a form of meditation, or you can simply call it your quiet time. Sit by yourself and imagine your thoughts floating by and away as clouds. Stick with it for at least ten minutes each day, in a place where you will not be disturbed.

Surround yourself with mentors who understand the things you’re drawn to.

You’ll find there’s no room for jealousy or insecurity when you actively engage with people doing work similar to work you would like to do. Ask questions and show gratitude for the answers. More often then not, if you open up to people you respect, they will help you on your path with generosity and joy.

Know that you already know what’s right for you, because you do.

You were given that knowledge before you could even think. Now all you need to do is access it, call it forth, make it happen in the three dimensional world.

Once you’ve discovered your special thing, embrace it.

Love it and absorb it as if it’s part of you, because that’s exactly what it is. It’s a reflection of your soul in its sparkling, individual glory. It will open the path back to who you really are.

Once you start, there’s no stopping. Your energy, your determination, your love will be contagious. Giving  yourself over to the thing you love will open new channels of healing for your soul.

2.  From  Debra Smouse: “Create Better Days With Empowering Routines and Loving Rituals”:

Nearly every person I talk to says that the way she starts her day sets a tone for the whole day. Our morning routines set the tone for productivity, and our morning rituals give us a daily check-in with how we want to feel, and who we want to be.

So, what should youinclude in your morning routine?

Choose actions that create an environment of order and support. Simple chores like unloading the dishwasher and clearing the kitchen counters don’t just minimize disorder; they also leave your energy available to help you create and strategize rather than merely reacting.

Similarly, nothing can derail your day like skipping a part of your morning routine. Even something as basic as making the bed every morning gives your brain an important message: the old day is over, and today is a fresh, clean slate.

Creating your morning ritual can be just as simple: just turn some of your regular morning tasks—showering, for example, or making coffee—into a time of reflection.

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