More Help From Reparenting Books

(1)  The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook

“Trauma can take many forms, from witnessing a violent crime or surviving a natural disaster to living with the effects of abuse, rape, combat, or alcoholism. Deep emotional wounds may seem like they will never heal. However, with The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook, Dr. Glenn Schiraldi offers a remarkable range of treatment alternatives and self-management techniques, showing survivors that the other side of pain is recovery and growth.”

Live your life more fully-without fear, pain, depression, or self-doubt

  • Identify emotional triggers-and protect yourself from further harm
  • Understand the link between PTSD and addiction-and how to break it
  • Find the best treatments and techniques that are right for you

“This updated edition covers new information for war veterans and survivors with substance addictions. It also explores mindfulness-based treatments, couples strategies, medical aids, and other important treatment innovations.”

(2)  Reparenting by Dr. Larry Gilliam, Deborah Freeman, and David Majors

Product description:

“Deep inside you, there is a part of you that still thinks, feels, and reacts like a child. This is true because time alone does not heal all the wounds of childhood. There are actually steps and a process you must go through to nurture and heal the child within you. This process is called reparenting, and this workbook is the first of two volumes designed to walk you through it.”

(3)  Stories That Heal: Reparenting Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families by Lee Wallas

This book has many stories about each phase of childhood growth.

(4) When Love is Not Perfect: Discovering Gods Reparenting Process

(5)  Reparenting Yourself by Art Martin has a subtitle of “Growing Up Again–Recovering Your Lost Self.

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