Finding Relief Through Forgiveness

“Allow yourself to pray. Just as the many times human beings find themselves in circumstances where the hurt or the pain is so great that on their own power they cannot forgive, it is enough that they pray to be given the grace, the perception, the elevated Light that will allow them to forgive.”   Gary Zukav from Thoughts from the Seat of the Soul

Preparing your soul for forgiveness both for yourself and others is a vital foundation for true self-acceptance. Some current writing about forgiveness includes:

Enchanted Oak writes: 7 Ways to Love Yourself

Jesus Did Not Say “Forgive and Forget

A wonderful mind map by Paul Foreman: Forgive Forward

He’s Got a Ticket to Ride, But He Don’t Care (Great writing by David Dean Bottrell–I especially liked: “In order to avoid a panic attack, I did what I always do — I applied a nice thick layer of denial over the whole situation.”

In A Soulworker’s Companion, Betty Clare Moffat recommends these steps toward forgiveness:

“Seven Steps to Forgiveness:

1)  Recognition and acknowledgment

We recognize a problem, situation, event, relationship, or emotion that alerts us to the need to forgive. We acknowledge the problem, situation, event, relationship, or emotion that needs forgiveness.

2)  Desire, definition, and decision

We desire to forgive. We define the parameters of the problem, situation, event, relationship, or emotion. We then make a clear and conscious decision to forgive.

3)  Meditation and prayer

We go within and with prayerful inquiry and an open, receptive mind, we ask for truth, help, and guidance in the forgiveness situation. We ask how best to proceed to heal the problem, situation, event, relationship, or emotion requiring forgiveness.

4)  Inner and outer action

We act on the guidance we have received in prayer and meditation. We do what needs to be done to clear up the problem, (etc) that requires forgiveness.

5)  Surrender and release

After taking appropriate action in the outer world, we release the

Entire the entire situation into the hands of our Creator. We ask for the

Highest good of all concerned. We ask, “Thy will, not mine, be


6)  Understanding and awareness

We look for an increased understanding of the dynamics that led to the problem, (etc) that required our forgiveness. We look for the spiritual lesson. We determine to go forward in forgiveness with

Increased awareness.

7)  Healing and change

We accept that the situation has now changed. We accept that the lesson has been learned. We choose to look at the situation, and the world differently. We welcome healing and change through the process of forgiveness. We allow the energy of healing and change to spill over into other areas of our lives. We are changed. We give thanks.

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