Using Anger as a Positive Energy

“Of the seven deadly sins, anger is possibly the most fun. To lick your wounds, to smack your lips over grievances long past, to roll over your tongue the prospect of bitter confrontations still to come, to savor to the last toothsome morsel both the pain you are given and the pain you are giving back- in many ways it is a feast fit for a king. The chief drawback is that what you are wolfing down is yourself. The skeleton at the feast is you.”

Frederick Buechner

ThinkSimpleNow :Creativity, Clarity and Happiness has a great article about using anger as a positive use of anger. The article is 15 Simple Ways to Overcome Anger.

The post suggests that the three ways to interrupt a behavioral pattern are by using NLP (neuro-liguistic programming). Wikipedia defines NLP as:” Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a theory of language, communication and thought together with an associated therapeutic method, which holds that people can improve the way they interact with the world by means of certain principles and techniques concerned with their use of language.”

The three ways are: visual (change your thoughts), verbal (change your language), and kinesthetic (change your physical position).

I will list the 15 suggested ways to overcome the negativity of anger:

(1)  Look up!!!

(2)  “What do you want?”

(3)  Eliminate: Don’t, Not, No

(4)  Finding the light

(5)  Surrender

(6)  Circle of influence

(7)  Gratitude exercise

(8)  Meditation

(9)  Breathing relaxation technique

(10) Laughter!

(11) Forgiveness

(12) Snap a rubber band

(13) Identify and eliminate your triggers

(14) Identify what anger brings

(15) Seek closure. Solve the problem.

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