Goals Are Dreams With a Deadline!

Goals are dreams with a deadline. Everything you want in life can be more quickly achieved with the use of goals. You may want to write them down in a notebook and review them weekly. Your short-term goals should be connected to your long-term goals.

You may want to use an action board. This can be a large bulletin board (I use 22×34 and I have 4 of them). My bulletin boards also have copies of paintings, nature, and the ocean along with my goals.

You may use 3×5 cards on your bulletin board under 4-5 goal headings. Be sure to include the estimated deadline for each goal. You may use general headings: such as, goals-dreams-problems-solutions. You may choose to add post-it notes to your index cards. I use dressmakers’ pins which are long straight pins. I use these because they make smaller holes in my pictures and they work great on the bulletin. You may want to save the old index cards to watch your progress. By using multi-colored cards you can easily track your progress with a glance.

If you have the room, you may choose to cover the entire wall with corkboard to have a large area for your planning.

In a large office setting with meeting room capabilities for large groups, the walls may be lined with dry eraser boards to use for brain-storming sessions which may be a weekly event.

Remember to be specific with planned completion dates. Some sample goals may be:

  • Personal development

Develop a support group of 3-5 people during the next month.

Join a volunteer group; for example. Teach someone to read by joining a literary group.

Sign up for computer class at a local college.

Arrange to take some tests that show your interests and/or abilities.

  • Family development

Set aside one weekend per month to arrange special dates with your spouse.

Schedule separate quality time with each of your children.

  • Spiritual growth

Set aside 15-20 minutes each day to practice meditation.

Choose a topic about spirituality and study everything about it.

Using a steno pad or similar notebook, find a topic for study in a concordance of the Bible or other spiritual literature and record the verses you find for the topic you’ve chosen.

On 3×5 index cards, record valuable quotations for spiritual qualities you want to work on.

Marketing statement: in 25 words or less, define what you believe your work offers to the world.

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