Do You Need Help Changing Yourself?

Some change topics with links about the topic. Be sure to check out: You Can Change Yourself Today!

Change Yourself:

How to change yourself—long article from ezine articles:

10 tips to change yourself from a dedicated couch-potato to a gym enthusiast   Written by Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project.

Fun makes change easy: harness the power of your inner child (Includes TA)

Tom Helsen ‘Change Yourself'(You Tube)

Do You Need a Life Change?


Change Agent at Work:—change agent for years—check archives for article about this resource–

Understanding the Change Process

Leadership and Change


Managing change

Managing Change – Understanding How Individuals Change
Resistance To Change – How and Why People Resist Change
Managing Change – Step By Step Change Management For Change Leaders
Managing Change – Key #1 – Empathy
Managing Change – Key #2 – Communication
Managing Change – Key #3 – Participation

Change Your World:

What do you want to change in the world?

Lists 2057 ways to change our world

Has a changes page to list progress:

Main 8 are:

1)    End global hunger

2)    End dependency on oil

3)    Eliminate child labor worldwide

4)    Protect endangered habitats

5)    Promote fair trade

6)    End homelessness

7)    Save Darfur

8)    Stop global warming

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