About Changemaker Groups

About Changemaker Small Groups:

Group techniques for Changemaker groups should include:

1. Keep group size from 8-12 members.

2. Always have two or more group leaders. A group dies from within if one person dominates the group. Remember that health is based on the balance of power between the members. If the same person dominates the group, the group should ask that member not to talk or control the next session. By sitting and listening, the member will be reminded that a good leader is first of all a good follower.

3. Attendance is vital for the group. If a group member has to miss a meeting, at the next meeting, the member should ask for the forgiveness of the group and explain the nature of the absence. Every group member brings something unique to the group. I believe that no more than one absence should be allowed because the groups need to be structured. Discipline shows respect. If more than one absence is necessary, that group member should withdraw with the pledge to keep the confidences of the group.

Basic group techniques:

Introduction of group members (we’ve included links for ice-breakers from the Internet that you may want to use).

The Changemaker Personality Profile may be used to learn similarities and differences among the group members. Have group members get into other smaller groups with the individual personality labels from the test.

Music during group (see separate music list). Music will be played during the physical and meditation techniques.

Stress reduction—good health is a feeling of well-being.

Recognizing stress: physical signs—emotional—overindulgence

Learning to relax in middle of stress—how one responds to stress

Relaxation Techniques: place to relax

Breathing Techniques

Body Techniques



Group may include meditation session

Group may include yoga warm-up

Changemaker Labels

Meditation techniques: breathing-getting centered—mindfulness—

Creative visualizations






Autogenic training

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