How to Put Balance in Living

What does “wholeness”, “balance”, “wellness”, look like? We’ll need to study several models to gain an overview of what choices will be appropriate for our individual life.

Our lives may be divided into five major categories: mental. physical, social, emotional, and spiritual. We are responsible for the quality of our lives and no one else can provide this quality for us. Others can add to the quality just as they can add to our happiness, but they can’t do it for us. We are each given the wonderful opportunity to be whomever we choose to be.

Let’s assign some activities to the five categories:

  1. Mental—reading/studying/hobbies/activities that expand mental abilities.
  2. Social—intimate and casual relationships/having a support system that includes 3-5 people/sexuality
  3. Physical—rest/nutrition/daily exercise/play/recreation
  4. Emotional—experiences wide range of feelings/has frequent feelings of peace, calm, joy/creativity is a daily experience.
  5. Spiritual—sense of well-being and being centered/sense of purpose and direction

For each of the above categories, assign a percentage of your life that you spend on each category. You may prefer to divide into the eight stages of life from The Life Coach Trainer. These sections include physical environment, career, money, health, family/friends, significant other, personal growth/contribution and fun/recreation. Assign the percentages of each to see where you need to rebalance your life.

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