Thoughts and Prayers About Acceptance

I often write about what I most need to know. Emotionally, I am finally moving through letting go to the next step-acceptance of what is to be. I have gathered some quick links and quotations to ponder over. I hope that they will help you, too.

(1)  From WaterPrayer:

“Acceptance is a state of non-reactivity and understanding. Acceptance does not mean ‘approval’ or that you condone what you are accepting. It means that you see something and know it for what it is, without having to need to change it. There are many ways prayer can prepare you for acceptance.”

“God of My Heart, help me to see and to know things for what they are, both inside me and outside of me. Help me to allow things to be as they are, even when I wish them to be different.
Help me to experience the importance of Acceptance: that things as they are hold many gifts, and that if my eyes and heart are open I can learn from what things and people teach me.
Help me to remember that to be in the state of Acceptance means that I can truly move through the world knowing what I can and cannot change.”

(2)  From Jannacrumbs:

“I believe that we see a very clear picture of what causes relationships to break down in 2 Corinthians 7:1-4. Here’s a quick summary:

1. Pride…too much (v1)

2. Priorities…too many (v2)

3. Patience…too little (v3)

4. Perspective…too limited (v4)

The bottom line here is that we all get in the way of our own happiness and what God has intended for us. When we do, we often start blaming other people for the lack of satisfaction or reciprocity in our relationships, when in fact, we may be the ones causing the problem.”

(3)  From journeywithspirit:

“Dear God, in this moment I hold your acceptance.
You love me completely, just as I am.
You see my great potential within,
and you nurture my tender heart of compassion.
In this moment, I let your acceptance be my own.
I accept others as the children of God.
I hold high their inner greatness,
always seeking to serve the highest and best within all people.
And so it is.”

(4)  From selfcreation:

“Self acceptance is being loving and happy with who you are NOW. Some call it self-esteem, others self-love, but whatever you call it, you’ll know when your accepting yourself cause it feels great. Its an agreement with yourself to appreciate, validate, accept and support who you are at this very moment, even those parts you’d like to eventually change. This is important…even those parts you’d eventually like to change. Yes, you can accept (be okay with) those parts of yourself you want to change some day.”

(5)  From Rex H—“What is Your Greatest Fear?”

“My prayer for the day….it has come to my attention yet again that I am trying to control things that are beyond my control. I need to accept that I have certain things in my life that have the appearance of being things I can change when in reality they are things I cannot change. By continually trying to change that which I cannot I am being selfish and not of maximum service to God and those around me. So for today I will pray this prayer and pick up the tools that have been given me to deal with those things…..thanks to those who love me enough to help me see this blind spot and have so compassionately guided me on this journey.”

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