Simple Weekly Exercise Plan

Daily exercise of our body as well as our mind and spirit are essential to ridding the body of emotion that is counterproductive.

I love the simplicity of the following list of exercise for the body. Remember all you have to do is (1) write this down or print it out, (2) put it somewhere you look at it daily, and (3) do it!

Deep breathing–10 minutes daily

Walking–30 minutes daily

Monday–20 minutes endurance exercise

Tuesday–10 minutes strength training

Wednesday–20 minutes endurance exercise

Thursday–10 minute strength training

Friday–20 minutes endurance exercise

Saturday–add 30 minutes walking–do AM and PM

Links for feeling good:

1.  From Weight Loss Journal: “How to Exercise without Even Realizing It”:

There are two kinds of people in this world: those that genuinely love to exercise, and the rest of us. Sadly, both types of people need to be active to stay happy and healthy. If you fall under the latter category, there’s only so many times you can update your jogging playlist to maintain a slither of excitement when it comes to exercise.

However, if you perceive any activity that works up a sweat as a chore, it’s only going to be less enjoyable and more difficult.

Even if you don’t find exercise particularly fun, there’s always ways to make it a little easier and, bear with me, even slightly enjoyable. It’s possible to trick your body into liking it. Here’s a few different ways to exercise without feeling like you’re exercising:

2.  From zentofitness: “Simple Stress Management”:

Stress is not always a bad thing and quite simply something that triggers an internal reaction and response in the body, namely triggering our HPA axis (hypothalamus-pitutary-adrenal) and produces stress hormones.

When we have too much stress these hormones pump out and trigger our fight or flight response – supressing appetite, causing anxiety, inhibiting digestion and repair of the body. This is fine in the short term and our body can handle this for short and brief periods. The problem comes when we get stuck in a state of chronic stress and it beomes the default state. With prolonged exposure to stress our bodies ability to produce stress hormones starts to shut down – this leads to a host of problems.

Whether it is working long hours in a job you don’t like, over-exercising, undereating or a combination. The stress compounds and wears the body out. Making even the most simple of tasks seem a chore and life become a struggle.

3.  From The Maven of Mayhem: “Adventures in Exercising”:

But eventually this grotesque display of self-pity stirred something within me. By Wednesday I had finally had enough of the sadness, the anger, the excuses.

So I went out and spontaneously signed up for a gym.

For a year.

And I was there the very next morning with my shoes and my water bottle and my workout clothes, ready to tackle my demons, physical, mental, and emotional.

Anyway, I’ve never really been a gym member. I was ever so temporarily in early 1996, before Intrepid graced my stomach and I got too sick and too tired to trek down to the gym for several months. After that, I developed a phobia of sweaty skinny people. As a fat girl, there’s a serious confidence issue when faced with size six sorority sisters looking fabulous as they run like gazelles on the treadmills beside me. I had to get over that. I think I have. In fact, I’ve come to a few key realizations in the last couple of days at the gym.

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