Letting Go of Negativity Frees up Energy

Brooklyn Bridge Waterfalls by Epicharamus
Brooklyn Bridge Waterfalls by Epicharamus

Every day we have choices to be happy. Everything we hold on to that is negativity saps our energy. This post includes several quotations about letting go. One of the best books that I’ve read about letting go was written by Hugh Prather.

The Little Book of Letting Go: A Revolutionary 30-day Program to Cleanse Your Mind, Lift Your Spirit and Replenish Your Soul

Hugh Prather

ISBN 157324-503-8

Amazon link

In a review of this book, “the contents for letting go include problems, fear of letting go, worry, our first reaction, motivation through crisis, money anxiety and travel worries, anticipated and unanticipated emotions, victim-perception, word magic, stories, neglect, fear of happiness, t-thoughts; I, me, and mine; outcomes, relationship battles you aren’t having, useless blocks to relationship, sticky thoughts, gloom, rigid responses and limited answers, “turning it over”, scattered thinking, blame and damage, body thoughts, t-thoughts, spiritual attainment, “higher” path, “spiritual” laws of success, our personal struggle.”

“Live riotously. It is foolish to sit around waiting for the collector when the collector may be late. Baseball coach Yogi Berra taught us that “It’s not over till it’s over.” And if… the New Testament, Buddha, and the Koran are right, it may not be over even then. You’ll either be with your pals in paradise or you won’t feel a thing.”   David Brown

“The most important words in midlife are—Let Go. Let it happen to you. Let it happen to your partner. Let the feelings. Let the changes…You are moving out of roles and into the self…It would be surprising if we didn’t experience some pain as we leave the familiarity of one adult stage for the uncertainty of the next. But the willingness to move through each passage is equivalent to the willingness to live abundantly. If we don’t change; we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we are not really living.”   Gail Sheehy

“Surrender means, by definition, giving up attachment to results. When we have an attachment to results, we tend to have a hard time giving up control.”   Marianne Williamson


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