Alcohol/Drug Addiction: Individual Paths

Anyone who has much experience with addiction recovery knows that there are many aspects to recovery. I think most of them will help someone. But each person has an individual path which he/she will learn as they travel the journey.

Get Rid of Drug Addiction With Effective Drug Rehab Program–discusses the effective treatments for stages of recovery.

Who Should Women Lean on for Support in Their Recovery from Addiction–“Elizabeth Tracy and a team of researchers will follow 420 women who are receiving help from three local social service agencies over their first year in recovery to understand what kinds of individual social networks women need to build to support a healthy recovery.”

The Second Road Family–In Which I Wish Addiction (and Recovery) on the World–“I wished that everyone could hear the pain and the shame and the compulsivity behind years of sexual encounters. I wished everyone could hear the remorse and regret for the pain caused. But most of all, I wished everyone could hear the gratitude, the joy and hope of recovery, the promise of change.”

From, posted by Sugah who writes about “Beginnings of Prayer in Recovery” with this: “When my moment of clarity arrived, I wanted so desperately for release, and at every turn, I encountered resistance. I was told that there was not a handicapped-accessible detox facility in my entire state. I finally threatened to kill myself if someone wouldn’t help me. I could no longer live with the symptoms of my addiction, and I could find no one who was willing to help me try to live without them. The nurse who removed the patch from my arm was a psychiatric nurse. I was involuntarily committed to a behavioral health ward. My journey had begun.”

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  1. Im greatful for this site. i didn,t have the copacity.To really comprehend these ideas when i first became free.There is alot of helpful information here and i myself a psych nurse for 12 years at university hospital in Louisville ,Ky.Believe it or not have alot of information that i could share to help families of addicts/alcoholics. From how to approach your loved one to financial undertaking and how to prevent enormous debt for the freedom seeker. Thankyou i’m so glad your here and i will be sharing this page with others. What area are you from if i may ask. There is a Sandy Berman my mother is close to. Understandable if you rather not respond. Sincerely, Katie Embry lpn


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