Living a Balanced Life

Part of a healthy outlook for our life here is to learn to blend all aspects of living together. Most people believe that his/her life is out of balance because of time constraints. Everyone has the same amount of time. So the trick to living a balanced life is to redo what we do with our time.

In “Six Ways to Stay Positive During a Difficult Job Search“, Lindsay Olson suggests:

1)  Take responsibility for your happiness.

2)  Reward yourself for the small successes along the way. (Love this one!)

3)  Find a job search partner and surround yourself with positive people.

4)  Set goals. Get up and get out.

5)  Find time to do things you enjoy.

6)  Consider exploring a cause you are passionate about through part-time volunteer work.

Pam Belluck writes about balancing your life when “recession anxiety seeps into everyday lives“. Several people dealing with sleeplessness and panic attacks due to stress about our economy are turning to using meditation to gain control of panic. Others are returning or trying therapy as  well as stress management techniques.

Current links to help you:

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