Personal Stories From a High Bottom Drunk: A Novel About Addiction

High Bottom Drunk is a novel that “provides a remarkable bottom line, gut level understanding of alcohol abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, drug addiction, and codependence.” This novel was written by Charles Roper and is available here.

Some of the personal stories from the website:

I Almost Choked to Death on My Own Vomit
Tim R., Longview, Texas
It takes what it takes.

Something to Live For
Carl A., San Antonio, Texas
Even cold hearts can find warmth.

Sober Since Seventeen
Jan P., Little Rock, Arkansas
You don’t have to be old and ugly to find recovery.

I Drank With the Best of Them
Barbara T., Charlotte, NC
You don’t have to be a big redneck man to drink like one.

You Can Get Off on Any Floor &
Tilex Changed My Life
Vicki M., Daphne, AL
“Accidental” sobriety brings self-awareness and serenity. In this case, Tilex was no ordinary bathtub cleaner.

Sober, Happy, and Free
Rick S.
When you’re no longer afraid to die.

Let Go and Let God
Klara R., Tylertown, MS
God takes care of me when I get out of the way.

A Brother’s Love
Joey (Anonymous)
Short and sweet.

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