Alan’s Spiritual Awakening by Drummy

Reprinted from Spiritual Experiences:

I had been suffering with very bad depression for 20 years and I am in a relationship with my partner for 17 years, her name is Tina who I love dearly. Tina went on holiday with her mum for 2 weeks in Spain and when she came back home she told me she had a weird thing happen to her, and I said what was it and she said I heard you call my name and I asked her to tell me what it sounded like and she said it was deep toned. Then told Tina that I did call out her name like she described and said it out vocally and in my head, I started to tell Tina why I called out her name and this why: I was on my own for two weeks and had some personal issues going on with family which was very upsetting for me and found myself very alone and isolated, empty, and very low; it was the lowest point that ever felt in my life and I have had plenty lows in my life. I needed Tina to be with me and I sat on the edge of the bed with my hand cupped on the side of my face and I called out her name and said it again in my head.

I don’t know if it was the next day or the day after that I woke up, I felt really good, I felt happy and very contented, I realized that my depression had gone completely and still has, my family and friends have noticed a big change in me and they see a gleam in my eyes and my face sparkles and asked had I won the lottery because they have never seen me so happy. And that is that part of my amazing story.

I asked Tina if she would like to go to Glasgow, Scotland to see some family and friends, so we went and my friend invited us to a country and western night, the event was held in the grounds of the local chapel in a community hall and started to record some of the line dancing when I saw little white objects flying past on video screen and I immediately knew what they were and I don’t know how I knew that I just did, I started to get very emotional and found myself drawn to a row of empty seats and tables in a corner of the hall and had my camera focused on the wall where the empty tables and chairs were. I stood there for ten minutes and thought to myself “I wonder what these people are thinking what is this guy filming a wall for” but I knew what I was doing and got orbs that seemed to come from that area and when I moved from there to record the rest of the event I got more orbs coming into view and I got emotional again.

So that was that little part of the story. The next part is we went back home to my sister’s house (that is where we were staying when went to Glasgow) and I said to Tina “I wonder if we will get anything happening here” and to our surprise and to my delight we got lots of orbs flashes and different colors when it was all happening we felt so happy it was all very comforting and all this continued every day we were there, and sometimes more frequent and sometimes less and on one particular day, it was what I can only describe as snowing orbs, the orbs were coming in the morning, afternoon and in the evening I have not told my sister what was happening because she does not believe in anything like that and I did want to scare her, so she is and still is unaware of the things that happened.

Here is the last part of my wonderful story, we went back home and our home is 16 moss walk Corby north ants England and I said to Tina I wonder if they have followed us home and again to our surprise and delight it is happening again every day and we get some amazing colored orbs and it makes us feel so happy inside. There was one time when we thought they have left us because we did not get anything for three nights and I felt really sad because I thought they had gone but the next day it was like they put on a little show for us and all this is still happening right now and I don’t want it to ever stop and what’s amazing about all this is I have all the pics and video of everything that I have told you about, if you would like me to send you some pics please let me know, I believe this is all happening to me for a reason but I am not sure what it is maybe you will be able to help me.

Kind regards Alan & Tina

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