Sarah T’s Recovery Story

I grew up without a dad. I guess that got to me more than I thought. I was always a good little girl. I had good friends and I went to church all the time. Me and my mother didn’t get along too well. She always wanted me to be someone I was not. She didn’t like the size I was. I was not fat, just not skinny.I went on a church trip once and there I tasted alcohol for the first time. I loved it. Something just clicked inside of me. I no longer felt the bad feelings I once did.

I then started to smoke pot and then taking pills. Before long I was a full blown cocaine addict. I loved it. It made me numb and all of the things I use to worry about no longer mattered.I sold many things to get cocaine. I began to hate it, but I needed it. One night I had a wreck. My mother found out I was on drugs and sent me to rehab. I relapsed after rehab. The cocaine addiction got worse. So did the drinking.

I Can Make It

Finally something in me just could not take it anymore, so I went to an AA meeting. I have been sober now for three months. I still have a lot of work to do and I still have a long path ahead, but with God helping me I believe and have hope that I can make it through this hard life.I am now only 18 years old and about to start college. I never would I have thought I would be alive to go to college, but thank you, dear Lord, for giving me life. If it worked for me it can work for you.

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