Only Born

Description of only born: Tend to be reliable as first-born without as much need for recognition. Only children tend to be in high-profile
professions. May tend to feel whatever they do is never good enough.

Strengths of being only born: Conscientious—reliable—
May be conservative and tend to work best at independent work.

Weaknesses of being only born: Has need to keep others from intruding on their lives—codependent “savers” of others—may tend to view self as a special person—tend to expect a lot from life—may resent criticism—tend to live  in their own world

To overcome limitations, use the following suggestions to make affirmations: To make affirmations powerful: state them in the present tense only, be positive, be specific, begin with “I”, state the affirmation as if it were already accomplished to avoid wishful thinking, and keep them free from condemnation or criticism.

For example, say “I am free of fear.” Not ”I’d like to be free of fear.” If you have a belief in God or a Higher Power, use that belief in your affirmations.
Avoid focusing on one narrow solution. Instead open yourself up to the solution for the greatest good of all concerned. Affirmations have the power to replace years of negative thinking.

Combining affirmations with creative imagery gives anyone the ability
to create positive transformations in her/his life.
In a little booklet named “It Works”, R.H. Jarrett suggests starting with a small goal or idea in the beginning. A specific amount of money for the first request is the easiest to start with. Write down this request in a simple, straight-forward way, such as, “I will be receiving $10,000.00.” It is recommended that this statement be read aloud several times throughout the day.

Many people write these requests in a journal or they can be recorded
into a cassette player.

Specific questions to examine for only born are:

Is it OK for you to do what you feel like doing when you
Is it OK for you to take the chance of making a mistake?
Relationship match:
Best match= Last born Worst match=Only born

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