Everyone Has Spirituality

By rkramer62

Several times I have realized that concerts of any type are the largest groups of people joined together in a spiritual experience. Most people don’t recognize spiritual feelings. The fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, meekness, faithfulness. The fruits are from the Bible in several passages: Romans 5:3-5, I Timothy 6:11, 2 Timothy 3:10, and 2 Peter 1:5-7.

We each have a soul that needs to be directed toward goodness and away from negativity and sin in order to find peace and joy during our earthly life. We don’t have to die to find Heaven on earth. U2 with Bono have lyrics that reflect Bono’s deep spiritual concerns and active humanitarian concerns. A group of young people in Great Britian have organized a church around those lyrics. He continues to speak out about the corruption of African nations in diverting the world’s donations to the African AIDS and extreme poverty.

Singer Songwriter Kem (Kem Owens) writes songs because he wants to get his message to everyone including the people who may not go to church. He says: “All of my success and every good thing that happens in my life are due to God’s grace.” Much positive energy often happens at rock concerts. An example of this is on Russell Hawkins’s blog “The Original Mud Puppy”. He was positively influenced by a group called Third Day.

As Russell writes, “Third Day and their music and their inspiring lyrics were the catalyst to pushing my life off the sidelines and into the game.” My favorite music is from the 1970’s Motown musicians. So many songs from that era reflect that many of the singers grew up in gospel singing. I do my morning walking to Motown greats (Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye as well as others); the Eagles; Basia; Earth, Wind, and Fire; Abba; Norah Jones; and Sergio Mendez (Brasil ’66). Believe me they all can perk up the saddest day and turn it around to a praiseful celebration. Yes, I love my IPOD shuffle.

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