These Posts Show Why I Love Gen X Bloggers!

I love young people and their ideas. We are living in a world now that includes young people thinking of how they can help instead of just take. See if you like their ideas also.

1.  From Penelope Trunk: “Volkswagen Super Bowl ad is an anthem to Gen X”:

“This makes me happy to be part of Generation X. First of all, this is the small window of time when Generation X will have the largest buying power in the consumer market. We are at our highest earning power, which, admittedly, is not impressive, but earnings are all relative, and people are discriminating against the Baby Boomers because of their age, so it’s our heyday.”

“It’s also our heyday because Gen X values are front and center. And we’re about family. We don’t earn as much as Baby Boomers did because we work such fewer hours. We’ve downsized our careers to take care of our kids.  We’ve taken back the dignity of working part-time. We’ve deconstructed stay-at-home parenting as a respectful career alternative.”

“So I love this commercial because it captures the shared experience of Generation X. We like being home to make our kids peanut butter and jelly. You could not sell Baby Boomers with this. They think it’s lame to sit in a kitchen waiting for your kid to be hungry. We like having a male breadwinner and we’re not afraid to say it.”

“And we are surrounded by little boys in love with Star Wars.”

2.   From Carolyn Rubenstein: “Confronting Fear: A Super Simple Technique”:

“When something feels bigger than you, it’s easy to walk away and say fear interfered. And you’ll be right. It did interfere. But is it the fear of the scary or the fear of the scary good that you are letting rock your boat? (key word: letting)”

“Oftentimes, when we face what we’re resisting, we find that it’s actually the good stuff that scares us far more than the truly scary stuff.”

I experience fear every single day. But it’s this fear that when unraveled leads to strength and growing confidence.”

“When I feel paralyzed by fear, I do the following exercise. And it works every single time.”

“Think of something beyond your comfort zone. Now turn that thought into a concrete, very doable action.”

“For example:
… send one-sentence email to person x (person x = this person feels big + scary in your mind and you find it hard to justify why person x would want to receive an email from you)

… write down the phone number for that doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off

… print an image related to a goal or dream and post it where you will see it A LOT

… open the envelope (you don’t have to look at what’s inside, just take the first action and open it)”.

3.  From Joe Barcello: “Gen X and Middle Aged”:

“I have hair in my ears. This shocks and appalls me. I also can’t touch my toes anymore and I have an arthritic thumb that can predict rainfall. How did this happen? I have the brain of a teenager but the body of well…my Dad. Actually I’m a little fatter than him now.”

“What kind of time warp was I in that I now find myself middle aged? Proper middle aged by the way. I’m 38. I find few things more annoying than a 64 year old Baby Boomer claiming to be “middle aged.” Really? Hey Pops do you plan on living to 128? I don’t so. I don’t care how much fish oil you take and what kind of erectile dysfunction medication you’re on. In my eyes you have one foot in the grave. Better make the best of your final 20 years (if you’re lucky). All I ask is that you embrace the fact that you want that Porsche to compensate for your baldness and not because of some stage of life you’re going through.”

“I guess in my mind I thought I’d be more evolved by now. Somehow more “grown up.” Sure I like some classical music and I can formulate an opinion on the corporate bailouts and the Social Security crisis. But I also still play video games and listen to old school rap. Does that make me interesting or conflicted? I’m not sure. For now I’ll just keep plucking ear hairs and playing Rock Band on the Wii with my kids.”

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