Understanding the Change Process

By Athena's Pix

Robert Bacal’s article (“Understanding the Change Process-How Individuals Change“) lists eight ways change can be managed in the workplace. His Ideas are:

Organizational change will succeed to the extent that individuals in the organization, themselves change.

Steps in the personal change process:

  1. Contact stage
  2. Awareness stage
  3. Understanding stage
  4. Positive perception
  5. Installation stage
  6. Adoption stage
  7. Institutionalization
  8. Internalization

Some of the other articles by Robert Bacal are:

Managing Change – Understanding How Individuals Change
Resistance To Change – How and Why People Resist Change
Managing Change – Step By Step Change Management For Change Leaders
Managing Change – Key #1 – Empathy
Managing Change – Key #2 – Communication
Managing Change – Key #3 – Participation

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