Need More Energy?

By Emile Bremmer

I have returned to the gym to continue my weight loss with firming up. I waited until the loss came from eating less to go back to the gym because without the decrease in calories, I have a tendency to reward my gym time with food treats. I know, I know—I was an addictions counselor for years. I quit smoking because I was excusing my addictions therapy group early so that I could have cigarettes in between sessions. In my defense, I will say that this was before smoking was classified as a drug.

I mention all the above because I am filled with new energy on the days I do my interval training at the gym. I also read some energy tips from The 10-Minute Energy Solution by Jon Gordon. His secrets for more energy: (1) more water, (2) 10 minutes of silence everyday (I require more, I suppose because I am in the meditation habit), (3) exercise (you knew it would be there), and real food (not processed food). Also every one needs to get enough sleep every night. If you are running on empty, rest as soon as you can.

I suggest that anyone who has too little time to get the proper rest, to do a time-study of a typical day. Can you cut out some email, some conversation time, some TV time, some of the home chores? One way for blessed energy inflow that I see few women utilizing is getting the home cleaned by someone else. Working outside the home with a family is double duty for most mothers. Doing the home chores is the 3rd job that can be hired. Then the time at home can be enjoyed by all family members.

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