Meet Some Overeating and/or Fitness Bloggers

By rougenoirphoto

In this post, I am including the “about the author” sections from these blogs:

1. I am succeeding:

“I am a SAHM and home school my 3 children. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and I am ready to shed the excess and live a healthy long life with my hubby and children. This is where I share those ups and downs in my weight loss journey, my frugal finds, some recipes and what I eat most days with those who care to follow along. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you can find something that helps bring a smile to your face, even just for a moment.”

2.  Workout Mommy:

“My name is Lisa and in my life before kids, I was a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, marathon runner, and overall fitness junkie. I woke up early to workout and I stayed up late to workout. I didn’t think much would change when I had children, so clearly I had absolutely NO IDEA what being a mommy was like!”

“Now, I struggle with finding the time each day and making myself stay fit. It’s a struggle, I won’t lie to you. But it is one that is worth it. My goal with this blog is to provide motivation, inspiration, and ideas on how to fit in exercise, fitness, and health in your busy mommy day. After all, a fit mommy is a happy mommy!”

“I’m a certified personal trainer with NASM and also hold Group Fitness certification with AFAA.”

“Please join me in the daily challenge to become fit, healthy, and happy.”

3.  Mad Fat Lady:

” Hello.  My name is Annie Nonymous.  I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.  My titles also include writer, reader, scrapbooker, Christ-follower, and overeater.  Yes, I eat too much.  Not consciously.  Not because I am hungry.  But because I can’t help myself.”

“My name is Annie, and I am a compulsive overeater.”

“The first time I said those words in an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, I cried.  It probably took me about a month of meetings before I could saw it.  Facing the fact that I am an overeater meant facing the “junk” I’d been trying to hide with food.  Taking a good, hard look at myself and my life was not an easy thing.  A good thing, of that I am sure.  But it is so not easy.”

“For years, I’ve heard about Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.  I never thought that I would need a 12-step program.  But nothing else works.  Diets work for a while.  Then depression hits or I see that one food that I can’t resist, and I gain back every little bit that I have lost.  Plus a little extra.  OK, so usually it is plus A LOT.  I decided to see if there was a local OA chapter that I could join, not sure if I wanted to really do it or not.”

“What I’ve discovered is a program not focused so much on weight loss, but focused on overcoming my addiction to food.  The Program talks a lot about developing a dependence on God.  If I can get spiritually healthy and physically healthy at the same time….  Well, let’s just say that sure made this program more attractive to me.”

I” still have a lot to learn.  Like taking this Program seriously.  I can’t just go to meetings.  I have to work through the reading material and really work the program in my life.  That is the reason for this blog—it gives me a place to write about the changes I am making in my life.  I think it will help me to see my progress in black and white (or whatever color I decide to make the print and background!).  If it helps others as well, that’s just bonus.”

“I need you to help me fix my broken relationship to food. I am an emotional eater.  I overeat, binge and lose control in the presence and thought of food.”

“My hope is, if anyone reads this, is that they too will chime in and we can be a community of scared, intimidated, weak, vulnerable people who find their immense inner strength, joy, power and confidence in our new actions and our new freedom.”

“My personal goals are to end my addiction to food (remain abstinent from overeating), regain energy and lose a little extra weight.

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