The Basic High Energy Diet 3

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16 Calories burned during exercise

17 For nutrition tips for being athletic in helping to gauge your energy needs: Nutrition on the Move – Nutrition Tips.

19 Weights and measures converter-

20 What is the satiety index?

21 The glycemic index relates to the way your body’s sugar levels respond to certain foods. Foods low on the glycemic index will release glucose gradually.

22 Facts about carbs in food/GI diet advice and GI index:

23 The Glycemic Index is a numerical Index that ranks carbohydrates based on their rate of glycemic response (i.e. their conversion to glucose within the human body). Glycemic Index uses a scale of 0 to 100, with higher values given to foods that cause the most rapid rise in blood sugar. Pure glucose serves as a reference point, and is given a Glycemic Index (GI) of 100.

24 Printable glycemic index by glycemic load is divided into low GI, medium GI and high GI.

25 Chart that tells you what your body needs when you have
specific cravings and gives you healthy food choices for each craving:

26 How to conquer cravings:

27   Beat late-night food cravings:

28   Why we crave:

30  Emergency appetite control foods:

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