Intro to Retreats

Retreats are great opportunities to learn better how to communicate with the God of your understanding. As a young person attending church camps, I always loved the early morning ritual of going into the woods alone with my Bible. I was connecting with nature as well as with my God. Buddhists have many retreats worldwide as it is a part of their spiritual life to gather together in spiritual retreat. I have collected the following retreats with the description included on each website.

1. Spirit Rock In the San Francisco area, Spirit Rock ( publishes the complete schedule of all of its resources. Transportation is provided to the site from volunteer drivers if a worshiper needs transportation. One of the founders of Spirit Rock, Jack Kornfield, explains what mindfulness means to him in this article.  Continuing education credits for trained professionals is offered a t Spirit Rock in collaboration with ISP, Institute for Spirituality and Psychology. Spirit Rock offers residential retreats, daylong programs, beginning classes, weekly classes, a diversity program, a family program, a teen program, and a mindulness yoga and meditation training program.

2.Shambhala Mountain Center is a pristine 600 acre meditation retreat center located . The center offers beginning meditation, a yoga retreat, contemplative arts as well as retreat and renewal weekends. The 2007/08 schedule is available online and includes sections in Buddhism, meditation, yoga and retreat. The  schedule offers: (1) tame your mind, learn to meditate through the introductory course or the Shambhala training series; (2) stretch your body and mind at one of the yoga retreats experiencing OM, Ashtanga, Hatha and Anusara yoga; (3) delve into Buddhist teachings with highly regarded dharma teachers; (4) deepen your practice and transform your life in monthlong summer or winter Dathun Meditation Retreats; (5) access the healing potential of body, mind, and community, (6) explore th powerful practices of ancient traditions ; and (7) demystify and prepare yourself for the ultimate letting go. The Shambhala Retreat also offers conference and group retreats and rentals. It is located two hours from the Denver International Airport in the Colorado Rockies.

3. Journey of the Spirit lists spiritual retreats, journeys and women’s retreats. It provides the following links:

Sedona: Finding the Mystic Within

The Southwest: Sacred Pilgrimage to Mesa Verde, Canyon De Chelly & Chaco Canyon

Tepoztlán: Sacred Valley of Magic and Mysticism

Teotihuacán: “The Place Where Man Becomes God”

Teotihuacán: “The Place Where Man Becomes God” – A Photography Workshop

Oaxaca: Becoming the Supreme Artist of Your Life

Palenque: Explore the Mayan People, Ruins & Jungles

The Mayan Yucatán: Explore the Hidden Ruins of Mexico & Belize

Bimini: A Women’s Retreat & Wild Dolphin Encounter

Isla Espiritu Santo, Baja Mexico: Obtaining Clarity – A Women’s Retreat

Santorini, Greece: Expressing the Divine Goddess – A Women’s Retreat

Maya Tulum: A Journey For Goddesses!

South Dakota: A Women’s Healing Circle & Retreat

British Columbia, A Heli-Hiking Spiritual Retreat: Inner Peace, Silence & Sanctuary

Peru & Machu Picchu Sacred Sites: Merging with the Divine

Guatemala: Mystery & Magic – Tikal, Antigua & Lake Atitlan

Egypt: Dreaming Transcendence

Bhutan: A Journey of the Heart & Soul

Vietnam & Angkor Wat, Cambodia: Divine Splendor and Compassion

Busting Loose: Free from Limiting Beliefs! Personal Challenge & Ropes Course Retreat Weekend, Georgi

4. Find the Divine has over 1700 retreat center and 900 conference centers. It organizes the resources as: (1) retreat centers for individuals and groups; (2) conference centers and retreat centers for groups; (3) retreats, events and workshops; (4) retreat leaders and spiritual guides; (5) retreat and conference centers for sale; and retreat general information.

It has links for the following states/countries:

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
California Colorado Connecticut
Florida Georgia Hawaii
Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana

Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota

Mississippi Missouri Montana

Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Mexico
New Jersey New York North CarolinaNorth Dakota

Ohio Oklahoma Oregon
Pennsylvania Rhode Island
South Carolina South Dakota
Tennessee Texas
Utah Vermont Virginia
Washington Washington DC West Virginia
Wyoming Wisconsin

Retreat Centers in Canada
Retreat Centers in Costa Rica
Retreat Centers in Belize
Retreat Centers in Mexico

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