Make a List of 100-200 Calorie Foods That You Enjoy

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This list will be constructed by you based on the foods you are presently enjoying. You will be designing your list to add variety and choice to your daily food plan. I know that you think it would be easier for you if we picked out the “good” food and the “bad” food. We believe any food that you can control the portion of when you eat it is a good food for you. Don’t sabotage yourself by choosing foods you already know that you can’t or won’t control the amount that you eat.

We have listed several Internet sources on the next page for you to use in creating your list of foods in the 100-200 categories. Create your own choices from the lists.

Always remember to count all the calories. Using a food journal or notebook will help you to remember all the calories you eat.

To count calories, we use Barbara Kraus’s Calories and Carbohydrates. Revised by Marie Reilly-Pardo.ISBN 0-451-20773-4.

Sometimes, you may reach a plateau. What happens as we lose weight is that the body adjusts to the smaller weight so we have to recreate what we have been adding. Always use the calories needed chart to determine the calories you can intake. Of course, you may increase the weight loss with exercise.

Resources for measuring food, calories, exercise for your 100-200 calories list:

v Utah published a lesson plan for 4th graders that includes all the resources needed to begin designing your own list of food.

v If you want to evaluate calories needed for extreme exercise, Coach Gordo has these tips.

v In the Diabetes Planner site, read a short post about how to lose weight. Great tips!

vDr. Lam has good information about the use of a diet. He recommends giving yourself 12 months to lose the fat. He believes that it will take the long to lose weight and keep it off. He states that the overweight has taken years to accumulate so it will take time to get healthy again. He has list a detox diet protocol.

Consumer Reports Online helps to teach how to red food labels.

v McKinley Health Center at the University of Illinois has suggestions for eating healthy snacks as well as many other health topic articles.

v The value of customizable meal plans is how the major health plan programs work. They make money giving you weight loss advice and by on supplying portion-controlled food to you. Most people who do these food programs lose weight. But do they keep it off? Generally, no, because the weight losers are having someone do the portions and he/she is not learning to choose portions.

v Finally, 100 painless ways to cut calories from your daily food.


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