Stress Control

Stress Control for Peace of Mind

Linda Wasmer Andrews

ISBN 0-7607-6468-9

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From the introduction: Yellow lights and red flags

Physical signs-headaches-backaches-tight neck and shoulders-jaw pain-heartburn-stomachaches-loss of menstrual periods-lack of sexual desire-constant fatigue-frequent colds

Mental signs-difficulty concentrating-forgetfulness-pessimism-constant worrying-indecisiveness

Emotional signs-irritability-hostility-anger-depression-hopelessness-boredom-loneliness-anxiety-restlessness-panic attacks

Behavioral signs-substance abuse-chain smoking-eating too little or too much-sleeping too little or too much-impatient behavior-temper outbursts-crying-constant rushing-failure to get things done-frequent accidents

Social signs-social isolation-lack of intimacy-conflicts at home or at work-loss of friends-intolerance of others

Spiritual signs-apathy-joylessness-job burnout-feelings of emptiness-loss of direction in life

Please note-Many stress symptoms can also be caused partly or wholly by treatable medical conditions. Be sure to get a checkup by your doctor.

The table of contents:

  1. Self-Test
  2. How to Stress Less
  3. The Seven Tactics
  4. Breathing and Meditation
  5. Mental Approaches
  6. Eastern Methods
  7. Yoga Methods
  8. Exercise and Massage
  9. Relaxing Pleasures

10.Coping Strategies

11.Stress Control Exercises



Stress Control for Peace of Mind is easy to use as the book base is a spiral binding. Also many small thoughts, ideas and suggestions are given on most pages. The photographs showing the exercise processions, massage,

and meditation are very helpful.

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