Learn How to Measure Your Portions

More about designing your list of favorite foods with 100–200–300 calories–

This list will be constructed by you based on the foods you are presently enjoying. You will be designing your list to add variety and choice to your daily food plan. I know that you think it would be easier for you if we picked out the “good” food and the “bad” food. We believe any food that you can control the portion of when you eat it is a good food for you. Don’t sabotage yourself by choosing foods you already know that you can’t or won’t control the amount that you eat.

We have listed several Internet sources on the next page for you to use in creating your list of foods in the 100-200 categories. Create your own choices from the lists.

Always remember to count all the calories. Using a food journal or notebook will help you to remember all the calories you eat.

Sometimes, you may reach a plateau. What happens as we lose weight is that the body adjusts to the smaller weight so we have to recreate what we have been adding. Always use the calories needed chart to determine the calories you can intake. Of course, you may increase the weight loss with exercise.

Resources for measuring food, calories, and exercise for your 100- 200 calories list:

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