High Energy Diet Categories

1 Before you begin

Before you begin—check your commitment—choosing your favorite foods—evaluate your food plan—food measurement links—how to stop emotional eating—learn how to measure your portions—list of 100-300 calorie foods–how many calories do you need

Nutrition–good sites for nutrition overview:

The beginner’s guide to diet, nutrition and healthy eating

The nutrition source–healthy eating pyramid–Harvard School of Public Health

The 29 healthiest foods on the planet

What should you eat?

Nutition 101

Nutrtion data: know what to eat: nutrition facts

Nutrition lesson plans for 4th grade


10 ways to burn 200 calories

25 healthy snacks under 200 calories

The 200 calorie gallery (pictures of 200 calories)

Burning calories–how to walk for weight control

Mike’s calorie and fat gram for 1000 foods–sorted by food name

Fifteen foods that burn more calories than they contain

Activity calorie calculator for 222 activites

Weight loss calculator

Calories required to lose weight

300 calorie food picture gallery

Food calorie site–Look B4U eat–diet facts.com

CalorieSmart –handheld calorie counter

How many calories in fruit

Days-of-the-week dinners under 300 calories


Fiber chart–foods arranged alphabetically

My favorite fiber information:gicare.com

High-fiber foods-Mayo Clinic

List of high fiber foods

Fiber chart which includes calories and fiber: Continuum Health Partners

Fiber topics on Fantastic Fiber: what is fiber, 7 health benefits of fiber, how much fiber do you need, fiber tips for kids, best fiber foods, 10 easy ways to boost your daily fiber, and 6 ways to help fiber work better in your body.

Fiber 101:  soluble fiber vs insoluble fiber

High fiber food chart with rankings

Food sources of soluble fiber

Sneaking in fiber–10 ways to plant more “good carbs” into your diet.

Nutritional label

How to understand and use the nutrition facts label

Nutri-facts.com–free source for nutrition information on almost 6000 foods

Label lessons

Sell by date: A Guide to Shelf Life

Reading food labels–nutrition facts explained

Portion size

Portion size, then and now

Making individual portions in freezer bags

Freeze ground beef in small portions with a chopstick

Love Food Hate Waste has perfect portions.

Controlling portion sizes from the American Cancer Society.

Making sense of portion sizes–relating portion size to everyday items

Salad sites for recipes:

My favorite cook, Sam the Cooking Guy (Sam Zien) has a great TV show and website–lots of salad ideas.

What are you craving–type in your cravings and recipes will be created for you: cookthink

Salad dressings and vinegars

Crunchy cruciferous chopped salad recipe

Salad greens identification chart


Gazpacho and lentil-chorizo salads

Salads and salad dressing recipes

Enjoy a healthy salad as a meal

Recipe: bean salads

Vietnamese noodle salads: cool meals for warm summer nights

Making salads palatable

5 veggies that make any salad super-healthy

Stop ruining your salads

Wild rice salad

Oriental sesame chicken salad

Chicken curry salad

Chickpea (garbanzo bean) and tomato salad

2. The High Energy Diet

about the high energy diet—basic diet for high energy—daily food—high energy diet summary—high energy diet tips—high energy diet main topics—high energy intro—high energy sample food chart—meal list—my high energy foods list—the basics for weight control—the high energy diet guidelines—the high energy life plan—using the high energy diet

3. Jump start your weight loss

What is fasting?

Nutritional program for fasting

Fasting–re-thinking the system that is food

Retune the body with a partial fast–NPR–Listen now

Doing less and accomplishing more: a technique for successful fasting

Fasting for health

Why I am fasting: an explanation to my friends

4. Emotional and mental support

an abundance mentality—body scan—create a weekly action plan—creative visualization for intuition—emotional health—how to stop emotional eating—taking care of yourself— to gain more relaxation— we feel what we choose

Writing to heal–using Dr. James Pennebaker’s assignment for using expressive writing as a route to healing.

Growing beyond emotional abuse–articles to help adults deal with emotional abuse

Psychology/emotional healing and transformation links

What are the befits of forgiving someone?

Healing food reference includes most common health conditions and most common foods.

How to get rid of things: a people’s guide to better living

5. Keep cravings subdued

Cookthink is a site to match your cravings by matching your cravings with recipes. It has a browse reference, recipes and authors. With Cookthink’s search tool, you can search for recipes for your cravings by any combination of ingredients, cuisines, dish type or mood.

Five appetite control foods that suppress cravings without adding calories

Cravings have nothing to do with willpower

Avoid foods to curb cravings

14 simple ways to curb your food cravings

Conquer your cravings: tame unhealthy urges that damage your diet

How do you control your cravings?

10 ways to control your cravings: these tips will prevent hunger from sabotaging your diet

Foods you can eat to get rid of cravings for sugar

What your cravings are trying to tell you

How to stop sweet cravings (eat more protein)

Identify and kill your food cravings

Cutting the cravings

Reset your mind to beat your cravings

The urge to indulge: how to cope with cravings

6. High Energy Diet defined


Satiety index–

Glycemic index–



Food group list

7. Adding (more) exercise

MapMyRun–keep track  of your runs, your progress, and site shows local runs

Google Maps includes gmaps pedometer

Google also includes topic links for: pedometers and calories.

8. How I lost weight

9. Links

Other diet communities:




Health sites

Revolution health: your home for health and balance