How I Lost Weight Day 2

By southarmstudio

Day 2: Water

After I decided to see how long it took for my body to tell me I was hungry, I started a modified fast. I call it modified because I ate some food. At the beginning I chose to add more water to my diet. Plain water is boring to me after the first day, so I added 1/3 cup or ¼ cup of Real Lemon to my 2 quart pitchers. I bought the pitchers at Target and they are narrow and fit in my freezer. I was filling them half full and freezing them for the next day. After awhile, I changed from the pitchers to freezing half bottles of the Real Lemon mix.

The last thing I do in the evening is to make sure that my pitcher is in the refrigerator to get cold for the next day. In the morning I add Real Lemon to the pitcher and begin drinking my lemon water. I save the flavored water for the evening as the evenings are the time I do my emotional eating. The Diet sparkling water has natural fruit flavors and is O calories. You can buy it at WalMart, Winn Dixie or Publix grocery stores. I vary the store and the flavor to keep from getting bored with the flavor.

On the second day through the next five days, I focused on keeping an exact count of the calories I was consuming. I found one of my downfalls was the calorie count in my dressing. When I began my food program in February, I was eating a lot of those lettuce blends and cutting up celery, onions, and carrots to add to the salad. I was using a balsamic vinaigrette loaded with olive oil. I had been using as much as I wanted because I thought the calories in the dressing couldn’t be that important. So by eating my healthy, good-for-me salad, I was using about 8 tablespoons after I started measuring it for a whopping 500 calories!

So I began a search for a salad that I would want to eat everyday.

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