High Energy Alphabet List for Weeks 1-6

Hot Air Balloon Glow by earlycj5
Hot Air Balloon Glow by earlycj5

The following topics of links are for weeks 1-6. Each week’s topics are divided among emotional, mental, physical and spiritual links.

30-35 grams of fiber daily



Autogenic training

Balanced life

Before losing weight, pay attention to these

Beginning meditations

Being centered

BMI body mass index

Body scan

Breathing meditation

Calorie needs


Cardiovascular exercises

Coping techniques

Creative visualizations


Deep breathing techniques

Endurance exercise

Flexibility exercises

Formal walking meditation

Heart rate

Introducing yoga into your life

Job stress management

Mantra meditation

Prayer suggestions


Relaxation meditation

Sitting-walking-eating meditations

Strength training

Stretching exercises

Types of meditation

Walking as exercise

Weekly action plan

Your observer self-transactional analysis