Using Web-Based Mind Mapping Tools

Interestingness Top 20 by Ctd 2005

(1)  Lovely Charts:

“With Lovely Charts’ extremely simple and intuitive drag’n drop drawing mechanism, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters. You won’t have to draw boxes or arrows, and you won’t have to worry about what symbol to use.”
“Check out our screencast to discover how it works, we’re pretty confident you’ll like what you’ll see.”

“You think…we draw” “You’ll be up and running in less than 2 minutes and it is 100% free.”

From freewaregenius:

“To get started with Lovely Charts, just create account and enter the verification code that’s e-mailed to you. You’ll have to have Adobe Flash installed for your browser, but you can quickly start creating diagrams for whatever purpose you need. Some cool features of Lovely Charts includes opacity control for each symbol and the ability to quickly select a different symbol in the same library group from the right-click menu. You can also control the line width and arrow end of any pointing lines and align the symbols to a grid.”

(2)  Creately:

“Collaborate with your team and clients with easy sharing, publishing and post-it style comments. Multi version support means you never lose your work.”

“Create and draw: flowcharts–network  diagrams–organizational charts–UML diagrams–sitemaps and SWOT templates”


From freewaregenius:

“Creately is the full-blown experience and the best tool out of this list. It is a data driven, online diagramming & design suite all in one sharp web application. With Creately, you have a package that is much more comparable to the full-blown commercial suites like Microsoft Visio. You can sign up for an account to get started immediately. Creately gives you a lot for free: unlimited public diagrams, 5 people collaborating on a diagram at most, the ability to publish/export, 10 megabytes of storage, and SSL protected connections. With the basic account, all exported documents are watermarked with the Creately logo. You can upgrade to the Creately Plus! account.”

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