Mind Mapping Blogs On Alltop

Alltop spotlights several mind mapping blogs. This is a list of those blogs and a sample from each.

  1. The Mindmapping Software Blog reviews mind mapping software available for a comprehensive overview. I am adding from a post: “The 5 best mind mapping programs for brainstorming”. The 5 products chosen are: NovaMind, MindManager 8, Visual Mind plus the Realizer 2, iMindMap 4.1, and ConceptDraw Mindmap 6.
  2. The Mindmap Blog includes a great mind map of American history.
  3. Idea Mapping by Jamie Nast has great mind maps about Black Friday Christmas Shopping which can be used as a blueprint for all your Christmas shopping. Her website does a great job of explaining mind mapping.
  4. Peace of Mind has a good explanation of the idea wall which is a great tool for groups to brainstorm ideas.
  5. Mind Map Switch has a 5 minute exercise for creating mind maps.
  6. Litemind by Luciano is about exploring ways to use our minds efficiently. This translates to a wide variety of topics such as creativity, problem-solving, visual thinking, memory, self-mastery and more.
  7. Assistive Technology is a blog on the topics of assistive technology, elearning, mind mapping, project management, visual learning, collaborative tools, and educational technology.
  8. Mind Map Art—showcases the world’s finest mind maps includes a very large collection. It includes maps for the arts, business, education, lifestyle, mind mappers, offbeat, science, sports and technology. All the maps are also listed alphabetically by titles.
  9. Thinking and organizing was created for the Topicscape in May of 2005. Another Topicscape blog is Roy’s Mind Mapping blog @ http://www.topicscape.com/blog/.

A special treat—

Pursuit of happiness by jean-louis zimmerman

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