Free and/or Inexpensive Mind Mapping Resources

Blue Marble (Planet Earth) by woodleywonderworks
Blue Marble (Planet Earth) by woodleywonderworks

My favorite medium for mind mapping is paper and pen. I feel that the software programs available (Wikipedia has a great list) inhibit my creativity. I love the feel of playing that fiber pens, crayons and colored or plain pencils give me. I advocate each of us having a creativity basket. The basket helps if you have little room for developing your creativity.

As well as being fun, another reason that I love handmade mind maps is that they help me to clarify my thinking. I have a strong left-brain approach to order that sometimes I allow to dominate and inhibit my creativity. Conversely, I allow my right-brain creativity to dominate when I am procrastinating. So my whole brain is learning to grow in harmony and peace.

Mind map tools can be web-based, use of a mind map software program, or a set of paper and pens. The purpose of this post is to organize the many samples available.

The simplest and often the best tools for mind maps are paper and pens. The pens may be colored pencils, felt tip markers, crayons, or one pen and/or pencil.

Some of the sites and tools I enjoy for broadening my creativity are:

(1)  One of the best fun places I’ve found to spark creativity is the “If I Had a Desert” mind map from Mind Map Inspiration. To prove that you can use mind maps for anything, check out their “How could you modernize a door?“.

(2) Wikipedia has included free mind mapping software on the above list. The software included is compendium, free mind, pimki, wikka wiki, vue, and xmind.

(3) Pens, guides, brainteasers, how to mind map workbooks are available at the Buzan store.


  1. Here there, when it comes to mind-maps you might want to add to that list. Its a really easy to use online tool and best of all its collaboratively, so you can quickly share your mindmaps with friends and colleagues for the best ideas.



  2. Whether you choose to use pen and paper or a software program, you can be sure that mind mapping will help you gain a understanding of what makes you who you are. There’s just something about the freedom of mapping that open up one’s brain to a new way of thinking. This can be done at a keyboard or with marker in hand.


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