About Coral Cay Plantation Blogs

Lorikeet in flight by aussiegall
Lorikeet in flight by aussiegall

I live in a community of over 800 homes which was an over 55 park and has been changed to allow younger residents. I’m glad because I think a mix of young and older is good for everyone. A year ago, I created a blog about blogging named Coral Cay Blogs. I have a need for income and was disappointed to not have anyone much interested in blogging.

I have a need for income this year that is more urgent as I am being divorced at age 68 with only Social Security as income. I know that would terrify many people but I gave my life to the God of my understanding over 32 years ago. So I know that He has a plan for me. I also know that it will be in service to others. And I know that I give in because I have a need to help others. He always supplies my needs and sometimes He gives me what I want also.

I have a burning desire to help others. But I know that they have to find me. If I go looking, I may be getting more than I bargain for. So I create and work everyday toward being able to help someone either with stress relief, relaxation techniques, addiction recovery, or with blogging.

I love all these topics. From my main blog, kathyberman.com, I have created 5 other blogs. So I don’t want to start another blog. Instead I’m combining all the topics in this blog. I will be writing about writing in order to encourage others to begin. The beautiful thing about a blog is that it can be anything you want it to be.

Please tell your friends about Coral Cay Blogs. it will be easy to follow and be meant as a place where new bloggers can get ideas.

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