Weight Loss Quick Links for 9/02/09

Putrajaya   Fiesta 2009 by good.to.br.A.stranger
Putrajaya Fiesta 2009 by good.to.br.A.stranger

Permanent Weight Loss: The Truth

“So if cosmetic reasons are not enough of a motivating factor for losing weight, knowing that it can severely impact your health might be. Although wanting to look good in your summer bikini might be a short term motivator it may not be enough to really compel you to make lasting changes to your lifestyle. Focusing on the risks to your health is a more serious matter that requires major changes and commitment to losing weight.”

“This leads into the next point which is that most people go on short term diets rather than committing to making lasting changes to their lifestyle. When the focus is on temporary diets, any short term weight loss usually doesn’t last and people gain the weight back. Diets focused on the short term are also not a lot of fun and many people end up abandoning them before reaching their goals.”

Better Health Through Fasting

“The restrictions–both caloric and behaviorally–can be good for us holistically because they serve as a means for disciplining ourselves all-year-around in a world in which we are too often self-absorbed and overindulgent. Fasting serves as a spiritual check, reminding us about issues of poverty and clean water supplies in the world and encouraging us to avoid overeating and wasting food. After all, way too much food ends up in garbage cans.”

Obesity Solutions- -Fat Loss 4 Idiots–A Quick Diet Plan

“Going on a quick diet plan can certainly help you in your efforts to lose weight. It would however not lead to lasting weight loss unless it is aided by a healthy lifestyle. It is plain logic, what is the use of going on a diet, losing some weight and then revert back to your “normal” diet of fast food and sugary soft drinks. Your weight loss aspirations are doomed to failure and you have wasted your time and money!”

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  1. kberman,

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