Thank God for the Divorce Diet!

Tehran Sky by Hamed Saber
Tehran Sky by Hamed Saber

I am living through the most tumultuous experiences of my life and in my 68 years I’ve had some experiences. My husband, who is 70 years old, has a girlfriend and has filed for divorce. He planned his escape to take advantage of my trusting nature. The worst part is that his sister lives four doors down so he and his new love are frequently in the neighborhood.

However, I have been clean and sober for over 32 years so I know how to take care of myself even with such emotional pain. I haven’t cried yet in over six weeks because I’ve been using my energy everyday to downsize and clean out in preparation for moving on.

I have been losing weight and regaining it for four years now. For the first two weeks after I found out, I had no appetite so I decided to use my smaller stomach to begin adding only lower calorie foods to my diet.

Four years ago, I created the High Energy Diet and lost 22 pounds then. But I quit weighing myself and slowly added high calorie foods. So I gained the weight back. This time I will have the memory of my emotional pain to remind me that I feel better about myself when I am thinner. I have lost 20 pounds in six weeks. I walk my dog for high impact walks two times a day. I have also been going to malls, etc. to walk and have been cleaning out a room completely everyday to help the weight loss.

This next week, I am starting stretching and using free weights to tone my arms so the loose skin will look better. I have been collecting articles/posts about the divorce diet. I love to read about people turning adversity to triumph.

Hope that you enjoy these:

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