A Motivational Articles Sampler

Golden Gate Bridge by Http 2007
Golden Gate Bridge by Http 2007

Articlebase is a free article directory that includes 914,317 published free articles by 121,974 authors. Read one or more of these for some motivational ideas.

(1)  Global Peace 11:11 Event “Between now and November 11, 2009, everyone that joins Global Peace 11:11 Event has the time to practice getting still for one minute and creating the energy field of peace within themselves. This is practicing the statement of “go within”, which basically means that as you generate the feelings of peace within you, you are also generating a vibrational output of peace that radiates out like ripples on water, this vibration can affect at least 100 people around you.”

(2)  What Truly Motivates Change in Ones Self “Realize that yesterday cannot be changed, and tomorrow is yet to arrive. Right now in this very moment of time, is the only real place you can make any difference in your present reality. It begins with changing your thought process toward the various situations, or circumstances that you would like changed. Thought is the single most powerful force in the universe. It has created everything you can consider with your five senses and beyond.”

(3)  Motivational Training “Being in the outdoors and facing exhilarating new challenges can be the perfect way to re-energise and learn as a team.  It encourages you to work together and try new activities that otherwise you may not have the time or opportunity to embark on.  Going on a hike, or climbing a mountain for instance helps people work together and evokes a sense of accomplishment which helps employees’ morale, which they then take back into the workplace along with new skills.  The feeling of liberation can bring out qualities in individuals that otherwise can go unmissed like leadership skills and confidence as well as trust between members.”

(4) Are You Programmed for Failure or Success? “As individuals we are continuously pulled by our nature in opposite directions. One part of us wants the self to move forward and become the best it can be. The other part is always pulling us back or telling us that we are comfortable were we are and there is no need to change. Which nature wins the battle depends completely upon each individuals desire to become a complete success.”

(5)   Achieving Success Calls For Passion “You will be remembered in life only for your passionate accomplishments”-John Mason. “Therefore start a business that you have a passion for, put your energy and effort in effective business management. Be enthusiastic about it. Follow it diligently. If it requires practice, put your time and resources into it, study, read books and research, make inquiries, and meditate on it, until you accomplish it. Top business people run their businesses diligently and passionately, always seeking for new business opportunities and ideas.”

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