Revisiting The Fruits of the Spirit

Love-hate by _abhi-1
Love-hate by _abhi-1

One of the many wonderful benefits from using WordPress is the broken links report. For years, I have been ignorant of how to fix my broken links because I don’t write code. But now, for all my WordPress blogs, I can see the broken links for that blog and go right in and either fix it or eliminate it.

The extreme importance that God puts on the fruits of the spirit is emphased in,

When God the Father purposely isolates and spells out 9 specific qualities that will be coming direct from His Holy Spirit – He is really letting you know the extreme importance of these 9 specific fruits.

These 9 fruits are major fruits and qualities that are coming direct from God Himself – and every Christian should do the best they can to work with the Holy Spirit in getting all 9 of these fruits worked into his or her personality.

Continuing your study of the fruits at this site:

“I’ll first start off by bullet pointing each of these 9 specific fruits so that you can have all nine of them isolated at the top of this article. I will then give you the Scripture verse where these 9 fruits are coming from, and then do a brief commentary on each one of these fruits so you can fully understand what each one of these fruits are all about and how they can dramatically change the quality of your life and your state of well-being if you are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to start to work all 9 of these fruits into your mind, soul and personality.”

A study of the fruit of the spirit of faithfulness is from

A Christian family that creates their life around their faith is savethephillipsfamily. Unfortunately, I only found her husband’s name several times, Tobe, but failed to find an “about the author” so I will call her Mrs. Phillips. She may have a broken link as I couldn’t access the history for the site. But she is an amazing author and has started a study of the fruits of the spirit. These lessons she shares with her children.

“I started the first lesson by discussing fruit with my children, talking about what fruits they like and what makes those particular fruits so incredibly delicious to their little tummies. We discussed what good things fruits do for our bodies (i.e. providing nourishment, helping sustain energy..BTW, I don’t think I used the word “sustain” with my 2 and 4 year old, giving our bodies vitamins) and why it is important to eat them.”

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