This Week's Quick Links of What I Care About 6-18-09

Gracamayas-rojas by Junctions
Gracamayas-rojas by Junctions

Excerpt from one of today’s quick links–

CHANGE might be required if:

    • You got the first job you could find out of college, and you’ve never felt passionate about it
    • Your health (mental or physical) is suffering because of your job
    • You’ve found a passion which, if only you’d known about it years ago, you’d have followed as a career.

GROWTH might be required if:

    • You know the work your company does is important, but your role is getting boring
    • You’re finding it hard to get on with your colleagues
    • You’d like to step up to the next level, within the same company

Arianna Huffington–The Huffington Post: When Will Dick Cheney’s Tower of Lies Finally Come Tumbling Down on Him?

Will Learning the Skills of Well-Being Help Us Grow Up?

New Spin on Why Women Are Pickier in Live–It May Be Because Men Typically Initiate Relationships

Can Smart Goals Make You Weathy?

Women’s Mental Health Hit Hard by Recession

The Difference Between Change and Growth–And Knowing Which You Need

Robert Scoble We’re Shipping Today: The Road to Building 43

What Really Prompts the Dog’s “Guilty Look”?

Internet-Based Therapy Effective in Treating Depression

3 Ridiculously Cheap, High=Quality Companies

Buddhists Return From Four-Year Retreat on Isle of Arran

Hate AT&T?  New iPhone, New Gripes About AT&T

NBC Executive Not Happy With Heidi, Spencer

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