The Best Help for Making Good Choices in Social Media

Hut Sunrise by Hamed Saber
Hut Sunrise by Hamed Saber

Unusual Sunday post today. I read many good sites with great social media information that I had to share.

Chris Brogan–What’s Not in a Name

Jeremiah Owyang—Looking Behind the Curtains on the Social Media Stage: Humans Don’t Scale

Michael Stelzner–How to Use Twitter to Grow your Business

Robert Scoble—The Day Twitter Kicked CNNs Behind-Ev Bought Me a Whisky

Robet Scoble—Watch the Google Anthill Move Toward Social and Real Time

Newt Barrett—Here’s Your Social Media Marketing Tool Cheat Sheet

David Finch—What Social Media Isn’t

Guy Kawasaki—How to Do Directed Marketing on Twitter

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