What Do You Use Twitter For? (1)

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In today’s post, I will begin choosing the many uses of Twitter. I am posting them to which area of your life the particular Twitter tools were created for.

1.  Twitter in the home–From Mashable– Tweet Street: 7 Extraordinary Twitter Uses in the Home includes Pets all-a-Twitter (pets), Wiser washers (laundry), Botanicalls (plants), Tweet-a-Watt (energy consumption, BakerTweet (ovens), twittering office chair (chairs), and Kickbee (monitoring baby’s movements.

2.  Using Twitter as a marketing tool–PS-this one works–from Semclubhouse.com:

After Thoughts of SES New York Guy Kawasaki Keynote & His Twitter Use.

3.  Use it to begin a book club–Blogherald.com–Jonathan Ross starts a Twitter book club.

4.  Learning to use Twitter for business–Bizzig,com–eBook + Twitter=Learn Business Uses

The Twitter Book – Tim O’Reilly & Sarah Milstein (Teaches you become a Twitter power user, including strategies and tactics for using Twitter’s 140-character messages as a serious–and effective–way to boost your business)

Twitter Revolution – Warren Whitlock & Deborah Micek (How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online)

Twitter API – Kevin Makice (Learn How to Build Applications

Social Media Marketing – Dave Evans (Introduces you to the basics of social media marketing and demonstrate how to manage details and describe how you can track results an hour a day)

5. Interview with Lindsay Olson in how to use Twitter in your recruiting efforts includes this:

“I started using Twitter two years ago. I use it to keep in contact with candidates and companies with whom I already have a relationship as well as forge many new relationships. I mainly follow professionals in my industry specialty – public relations and marketing.

I share information about our searches, but my goal is to use it for more than just posting information about my company and searches. I post relevant industry links and information about the industry as well as career advice from my blogs and blogs of others that I think my audience may find insightful.

By sharing useful information and engaging with my followers daily, I’ve built relationships it would have taken years to build, if ever, any other way.”

6.  From The Huffington Post–Profiles in Twittering: C-Span Builds an Online Bridge:

“C-SPAN and Washington Journal (@cspanwj) have kept the use of the service mission-focused, instead of Twitter-focused. By which I mean, they’re more concerned with how Twitter augments their reporting than reporting on how shiny Twitter is. Twitter has become another bridge by which the Washington Journal audience has been reliably and successfully interacting with the show’s guests, and THAT’S IT. And, with a little common sense applied to the exchange, where nonsense gets appropriately weeded out, Washington Journal has been demonstrating that this nation of Twitterers is capable of making substantive contributions to the discourse — and even help make news — using this medium.”

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