This Week's Quick Links of What I Care About 6-5-09

Blue and Gold Macaw by Ralph and Jenny
Blue and Gold Macaw by Ralph and Jenny

New York Times–U.S. Inquiry Into Hiring at High-Tech Companies “The exact focus of the inquiry is unclear, but the people familiar with it said Justice Department lawyers appeared to be looking into whether the companies involved agreed to not actively recruit employees from each other.”

CNET News–Report: Social Networking Up 83 Percent for U.S. “Facebook enjoys the top spot among social networks, with people having spent a total of 13.9 billion minutes on the service in April of this year, 700 percent more than in April 2008, Nielsen said. Minutes spent on Twitter soared a whopping 3,712 percent to almost 300 million, versus around 7.8 million from the same month a year ago.”

Self Help Daily–Relax, For the Love of Your Brain cells, Relax! “Stress is the leading cause of mental decline.  I realize I just typed the same sentence twice, but I think it deserved twice the attention.  Here, according to Dr. Sears, is the reason why stress leads to mental decline:  When we feel stressed, our body produces the hormone cortisol.  In small to moderate amounts, it isn’t that big a deal.  Bothersome, yes, but nothing to panic over.  However, in larger amounts, get this:  IT BECOMES TOXIC TO YOUR BRAIN CELLS.  Toxic!”

The Business Insider: Silicon Alley Insider–Stephen Colbert Takes Over Newsweek “Stephen Colbert will guest edit the next issue of Newsweek. This is the first time anyone has ever guest edited the magazine in its 76 year history. We don’t think he’ll hold true to Meacham’s dream of “provocative (but not partisan) arguments,” but he’ll definitely bring a “unique voice.”

Stay N’ Alive–“With everyone up in arms over how Twitter will monetize and when it will happen, there has been one obvious missing link from the start.  Twitter has never had control over how Tweets get to the users.  They themselves have admitted the API gets used much more than their own site gets used, showing, to me, that there is a way, currently, Twitter could be monetizing.  Twitter has made it clear they do not intend to advertise through Tweets, which would almost certainly be rejected by their current user-base, already annoyed by the abundance of spam on the site.  What Twitter could do however, that is assuming they have control over the main methods users receive Tweets, aka their desktop clients, is insert ads into such a desktop client and their own website, unobtrusive to users.  Users will probably not even care at such ad placement, considering Google gets away with it, Yahoo and Microsoft do within their own search products.”

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