Be Sure to Have 30-35 Grams of Fiber Daily

7102583091_746d99b373_zThese are the foods I eat for the daily fiber we all need of 25-30 grams.  Be sure to add the calories of the foods that you choose.

Sweet potatoes, 2 cups, 12 grams

Apple, 3.5 grams with skin

Pepperidge Farm 12 grain bread, 3 grams

Banana (medium), 2 grams

My Greek Salad (red peppers, cucumbers, red onions, Feta cheese,

black olives), 4 grams (2 cups)

Kidney beans (1/2 cup), 7.3 grams

Lima beans (1/2 cup), 4.5 grams

Spaghetti (whole wheat), 3.9 grams

Broccoli (1/2 cup), 2.3 grams

Corn (1 ear), 5 grams

Baked potato (medium), 3.8 grams

Baked beans (1/2 cup), 5 grams

You: The Owner’s Manual (one of the books in the Changemaker Library) lists the following foods with fiber count for each:

apple (3.5 grams—eat with skin)

banana (2 grams)

orange (1.2 grams)

sweet potato (1/2 cup-3 grams)

kidney beans (1/2 cup cooked-7.3 grams)

lima beans (1/2 cup cooked-4.9 grams)

brown rice (1/2 cup-2.4 grams)

whole wheat spaghetti (1 cup-3.9 grams)

figs (3 medium-5.3 grams, and

broccoli (1/2 cup-2.3 grams.

The authors recommend snacking on dried fruit, such as apricots, figs, prunes, or raisins, for nutrition and fiber.

USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) includes the following links for fiber:

Dietary Fiber: An Essential Part of a Healthy Diet

Facts About Fiber

Fiber-Start Roughing It!

It’s White Bread and Whole Grain Too

Fiber Food Chart

Dietary fiber offers many health benefits. Here’s how to include more in your diet.

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