Entering the Freelance World

Writing...by dabawenya
Writing...by dabawenya

A blog is the reflection of an author’s interests. In creating a blog about jobs that I want to use as a marketing tool for Twitter, Relax Into Getting a Job, I began studying the freelance field. Many people who never knew they could write and enjoy it have been created via blogging and the avenue of self-publishing. I am one of those people. But after four years + of writing for my own blogs, I want to branch out and write for others.

I have acquired 600 blogs in my Google Reader and have learned to quickly scan the blog for the topics being written about (never end a sentence with a preposition–former English teacher in the house).

Using Alltop–which is where I always start with a topic search–under the category of work, I found 68 separate resources–blogs and sites–for freelance jobs. 68 resources!! One of the sites, writing bids, has 34 separate categories for freelance writing jobs.

Writing bids has these categories to search for jobs with quick link searches for each: article writing, content writing, copywriting, website writing, blog writing, book writing, ghostwriting, health writing, grant writing, tech writing, PR writing, editing, proofwriting, translation, research, re-writing, and resume writing. What a feast for writers!

About freelance writing has 69 freelance writing jobs for May 6, 2009. The jobs have been divided between jobs that pay a decent amount and jobs that are low paying ($10/article or $5 per blog post or less).

Current freelance writing jobs:




About freelance writing:



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