Quick Links for Moms

Busch Gardens- by kevkev441.  “Yesterday, everything changed for us. I started working full-time as a stylist at a great little salon. The choice to be a stay-at-home mom has been taken away, and that’s just how it is. There’s no going back. I must go forward, adapt to the changes and do the best I can with the life we’ve been given now. But today I am grieving the loss of our life before, heartbroken over the memories of our play dough afternoons and wading pool summers. Things will never be the same for us, and as good and right as that may be I must still allow some space in my heart to experience the grief that comes with these changes. I often write about the process of learning how to nurture myself the way I nurture my daughters. For me, it’s an important skill to learn.”    From Mom on a Wire. She has no about me space so I couldn’t find her name but I loved this post.

2.  “I started working with an amazing psychologist who turned my life around. He helped me see and discover that I had been telling myself all these negative things in my head, over and over, all these years. And I had believed every word. After a great deal of work doing Cognitive Thought Therapy*, I learned to catch myself when I started to say these negative things, to break the habit of negative thinking. I was able to stop and not get sucked into the black spiral that so easily could consume me. I learned to see the misconceptions that I had about myself.”

3. Simplemom.net has a cute banner line: Live simply, stay sane. Life hacks for home managers. Many bloggers post on this site. Simple Mom is written and edited by founder Tsh Oxenreider . In 2009, she welcomed five new monthly columnists, each sharing their own brand of expertise.

An excerpt from Tsh: )Your home: the best company to work for)–“Running a home is not unlike running a business, and you’re doing yourself (and your family) a disservice to treat it otherwise. If your home was Home, Inc., would it succeed? Would its accounts balance financially? Would your team members thrive and find satisfaction in spending most of their waking hours there?”

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